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Why Hive Placement is Important.

Honeybees are funny little critters, as they aren’t like other pollinators. If the conditions aren’t perfect, they won’t fly. This means that if it’s too cool, windy, or wet, they will stay home, taking away from excellent foraging opportunities that bumble bees and solitary bees take full advantage of. Therefore, hive placement is generally considered as a key way to ensure maximization of potential honey production.

But, I feel as hobbyists, that the priorities change as the potential locations available on your small urban property or on other properties of family or friends away from home. I feel that as a beekeeper, it is as important to place the bees in a convenient location for you to access and ensure the proper care and maintenance of the hive. It’s a balanced relationship between you and your bees. That being said, it is very important that you place your bees in a good location and permanent location for the summer.

Can I change the hive location in the summer if it isn’t a good fit?

There is a saying, “5 feet equals 5 kilometers”. That means that you cannot just pick up a beehive and move it across your yard out of necessity. Honeybees have a very detailed map of their environment, and when they fly out foraging, if they see the usual markers of location, they will muster where the hive was. And since bees can fly up to a 5mk radius from the hive in their search for nectar, they have a detailed map of the 5km radius from the hive. So, moving your hive either in small increments over time or one major movement (over 5 kms away) for over a month in the summer months is essential if a move is necessary.

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