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We take pride in everything we do and everything we offer.

Apiaries and Bees for Communities' offers outstanding educational experiences to inform and inspire acts of pollinator stewardship. We are dedicated to the resilient management of honey bees and pollinator guardianship. We offer exceptional programming to rekindle your childlike wonder with the natural world.  Our educational programming, keynote speaking and beehive partnerships endeavour to Build the Hive Mentality within communities across Canada.

At Apiaries and Bees for Communities we are dedicated to the highest standards of educational programming and community engagement. We are responsible to our students, to A.B.C employees and their families, to our neighbours, to the environment we inhabit, and to the health of the honey bees within it. We work to build bridges between beekeepers and offer them life-long learning tools. We inspire collaborative action in resilient beekeeping and building community connections as we see your community as an extension of your ecosystem.

Go in to a beehive and get hands-on beekeeping experiences

Bicycle tours and fresh honey tastings

Intensive beekeeping courses


"I recently attended a 2 day course at a treatment free beekeeping conference at which Eliese was one of the instructors.  The information she presented was clear and informative and her enthusiasm was contagious.  More impressive was the way she was able to pull us together as a group - a number of friendships were forged over the two days.  Creating Community is not just a topic about which Eliese offers an impressive presentation, it is something she demonstrated with remarkable skill."

- Rick Mellin, Eastern Treatment Free Conference, Massachusettes

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