We Strive To Serve You...

Apiaries and Bees for Communities offers a wide range of programming and services to initiate new beekeepers and old alike, to ensure that we never cease to learn! Look below at the types of programs and services offered through A.B.C.

 Elementary School Programming

Are you an elementary school teacher looking to liven your students classroom experience? A.B.C offers classroom visits to elementary school children, engaging the children in understanding life-cycles of bees: bumblebees, solitary bees, and honeybees. We offer these programs as an effort to engage youth in understanding the importance of pollinators in the food system and our every day lives. If you are interested in inviting A.B.C to your classroom, click here to read more about the curriculum and presentations available to you. 

Key-Note Speaking Engagements

Are you or your community organization eager to have Eliese Watson, founder of A.B.C, come and speak at your event? Eliese Watson has been described as a very engaging, passionate, and entertaining speaker on all things bees, community development, food sovereignty issues. Capable in teaching private intro-level adult workshops on honeybees and other pollinators, as well as facilitating community group projects. Eliese is an excellent facilitator in helping your organization find, build and market to its community by increasing public engagement by offering strategies for structural resilience.


By getting involved with A.B.C you will not only be benefiting A.B.C, but A.B.C will be benefiting you. We offer letters of recommendation, volunteer swag, discount entrance to courses, free entrance to most A.B.C events (even the ones you don't help with), and beekeeping experience!

Bee Doctoring

Do you have honeybees and are concerned about their health, or would just like some help? A.B.C is here to offer you profession help and support. Our Bee Doctoring Program offers you a one-on-one experience with an A.B.C expert on all things bees. Sometimes its nice to have professional reassurance that what you are doing is good for the bees and you alike. We are honored to be able to help you support honeybee health. We offer advice on hive management, placement, disease identification and treatment, as well as harvesting and winterization support. If you would like to learn more about this program, please click here.

Swarm Captures and Bee Removals

Do you have honeybees in your yard that are unwanted? Honeybee swarming season runs from mid-June to mid-August in Alberta. A.B.C offers a Swarm Capturing Service to the public, got to THIS PAGE to connect with us!